The Awards for Short Oral & Poster Presentations were discerned during Targeting Mitochondria World Congress

Awards Mitochondria 2015 - Copie

On behalf of the Scientific Committee, we congratulate all scientists for their short oral & poster presentations during Targeting Mitochondria 3-days congress.

The Scientific Committee discerned different awards:

The Scientific Contribution Award was discerned to Pr Martin Bergö from Sahlgrenska Cancer Center, Sweden for his researches about antioxidants in cancer.
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3 Awards for short oral presentation were discerned to:

  • Dr Yuning Hong from University of Melbourne, Australia, for his presentation about Novel Fluorescent Probes for Visualizing Cell Structures and Function
  • Dr  Martin Picard from Columbia University, USA for his presentation about Inter-organelle communication via specialized mitochondrial synapse
  • Dr  Sébastien Bolze from Poxel, France for his strategic presentation about Imeglimin, a new mitochondria-targeted agent for type 2 diabetes treatment

2 awards were discerned for the best Poster Presentations:

  • Mrs Ifat Cohen-Erez, from Ben Gurion University, Israel for her poster about Co-assemblies of the Anionic Polypeptide γ-PGA and Cationic β-sheet Peptides for Drug Delivery to Mitochondria
  • Dr  Genevieve Syn from Telethon Kids Institute, USA, for her poster presentation about Toxoplasma Gondii infection results in disruption of the host mitochondria.

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