Optimizing Nature: Targeting Mitochondria with Enhanced Natural Antioxidants

Pr Paulo J. Oliveira froPaulo Oliveiram the University of Coimbra, Portugal and the Vice-President, European Society for Clinical Investigation will be at the 7th World Congress on Targeting Mitochondria to present his research topic of "Optimizing Nature: Targeting Mitochondria with Enhanced Natural Antioxidants".

According to Pr Oliveira's research: "The role of mitochondria in aging and disease is well established. Although the role of oxidative stress is still controversial in what regards to the aging process, less doubt exists that mitochondria deterioration due to oxidative damage is an important component of several pathologies, including the so called lifestyle diseases. Although Nature provides a large number of antioxidants, commitment to healthy diets is lacking. Moreover, in a disease process, the supplementation of antioxidants is often necessary. Still, most antioxidants in supplements fail due to their poor targeting and bioavailability. We report here the development of enhanced natural antioxidants, which are accumulated by mitochondria, protecting these organelles from oxidative stress-mediated damage. We further show that the novel enhanced natural antioxidants preserve properties of the native compounds which are critical to improve cell resistance to stress, while showing a small degree of toxicity."

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