What is the role of miR-181 family in the heart?

Samarjit Das Targeting MitochondriaDr Samarjit Das is a researcher at the Department of Pathology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA.

According Marvin Edeas and Volkmar Weissig, Dr Das was invited to Targeting Mitochondria 2016 to talk about the precise experimental basis of the novel concept that mitochondrial microRNA (MitomiR) can regulate mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in the heart, and thereby influence myocardial disease development and progression.

Importantly, Dr Das will try to demonstrate the mechanist inside by which one microRNA can derived from the nuclear genome, matured in the cytoplasm, and then translocates to the mitochondria, and more importantly, regulates mitochondrial gene expression to affect mitochondrial function.

Finally, Dr Das will also show one example, where some of the family members of one microRNA can translocate into the mitochondria, and functionally active inside the mitochondria. However, other family members primarily targets nuclear gene in the cytoplasmic fraction.

If you would like to access to the program and registration: www.targeting-mitochondria.com

Marvin Edeas / Volkmar Weissig / Chairmen of WMS