The Mitochondria Connection between Stress and Turn hair Gray

Targeting Mitochondria 2021 Marin PicardDrMartin PicardAssociate professor of behavioral medicine at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, USA will be joining the Targeting Mitochondria 2021 Congress and give a presentation entitled "The Mitochondria Connection between Stress and Turn Hair Gray".

Abstract: Just as the rings in a tree trunk hold information about past decades in the life of a tree, our hair contains information about our biological history, When hairs are still under the skin as follicles, they are subject to the influence of stress hormones and other things happening in our mind and body. Once hairs grow out of the scalp, they harden and permanently crystallize these exposures into a stable form.” Though people have long believed that psychological stress can accelerate gray hair, scientists have debated the connection due to the lack of sensitive methods that can precisely correlate times of stress with hair pigmentation at a single-follicle level.

Targeting Mitochondria 2021 Congress
October 27-29, 2021 - Berlin & Virtual Congress