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 Among selected images for Targeting Mitochondria 2021:


 1) Image by Bojjibabu CHIDIPI


Targeting Mitochondria Best Image 1


 Mitochondrial fusion and fission events. Mitochondria are isolated from C57BL/6J mice, imaged by transmission electron microscope.  (A and B) Single healthy mitochondria at 10000x and 80000x magnification,(C) two mitochondria ready to fuse (just before fusion), (D) elongated mitochondrion after fusion, (E) during the fission event, and (F) separated unhealthy part by fission.




2) Image by Soheila Rezaei Adariani


Targeting Mitochondria Best Image 2


Monitoring of Mitochondria morphology. U2OS cells were transfected with cell light Mitochondria-GFP Bacmam (24h) and after that cells were objected to the confocal microscopy.



3) Image by Nikita Nikiforov

Best Mitochondria Image Nikita Nikiforov


Human monocyte derived macrophage stained with Mitotracker Green (green) and potential dependent Mitotracker Orange (purpule).  Green pixels (without purpule staining) indicates disfunctional mitochondria with decreased inner membrane potential. Colocolization (white) demonstrates functional mitochondria with increased level of romance.



4) Image by Simon Licht-Mayer

Purkinje cell live mEOS2

Live image of the mitochondrial network in a Purkinje cell, including the cell body, axon and huge dendritic tree. This was taken during live imaging of a organotypic cerebellar slice culture (mouse), two weeks after transfection with a Lentivirus encoding for mEOS2 protein targeted to mitochondria.