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1. CDD job offer – Postdoctoral researcher – Mitochondrial transplantation (1 year - renewable contract)

  • Location: MSC-Med laboratory UMU7057 (CNRS and Université de Paris), France
  • Job Description: Seeking an extremely motivated rigorous postdoctoral researcher to investigate mitochondrial transplantation from bioproduction to biotherapy aspects. The project aims to set-up a manufacturing process in 1 L bioreactors, characterize the obtained mitochondria and analyze their functionality as well as the functionality of the recipient cells. In this project, the role of the post-doc to be recruited is to implement the bioproduction set-up, a characterization toolbox that will be used to analyze, for instance, the size, the amount and morphology of mitochondria by a combination of analytical approaches. The post-doc will be in charge of developing protocols, performing analytical and functional tests in a comprehensive way.
  • Contact: Amanda Silva Brun, PhD, CR CNRS, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Website:
  • Starting date: January 2022 or some months later

For more information about this position, please follow this link.


2. Ph.D./ Postdoctorate graduate Researcher at Bar-Ilan University

  • Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
  • Job Description: The Cohen lab is recruiting outstanding PhD students and postdoc fellows for well-funded research positions on the molecular mechanisms underlying healthy aging. Candidates should have strong background in molecular biology, mass spectrometry and metabolomics analyses and in vivo experimental procedures in mice. One bioinformatics position is also available for the analysis of aging related big-data.
  • For more information please visit their website:
  • Email Address: Haim.Cohen[at]
  • Phone Number: 972-531-8383

3. Postdoctoral Fellow at Kyoto University 

  • Location: Kyoto, Japan
  • Job Description: Looking for PDs to validate our genetic switches for mitochondrial gene control.
  • For more information please visit this website:
  • Email Address: ganesh[at] email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">


4. Postdoctoral position or equivalent at MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Location: Houston Texas, USA
  • Job Description: postdoctoral position or equivalent in mitochondrial and nuclear replication instability regulating inflammation and disease see their recorded talk on "Mre11-Dependent Instability in Mitochondrial DNA Fork Protection Activates a Cgas Immune Signaling Pathway" in press at Science Advances.
  • Email Address: kschlacher[at]
  • Phone Number: 8328178183

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