How to Evaluate Mitochondria Function ?

From Initiation to Improvement…

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Online & Recorded Workshop

In collaboration with the World Mitochondria Society (WMS), we are pleased to announce the organization of the workshop dedicated to the Evaluation of Mitochondria Function, Dysfunction and Activities which will be held one day before Targeting Mitochondria 2020, October 28.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the last advances in mitochondria assessment and evaluation. The workshop will be interactive and will be recorded. if you wish to have a short talk during the workshop, please contact us.

Among the themes which will be addressed :


Session 1 : Mitochondria 2020 – Latest Advances, Clinical Trials and Innovations

  • Dynamics & dysfunctions of mitochondria and their consequences on the organism
  • Influence of mitochondria on aging
  • Latest therapeutic innovations

Session 2 : How to study, assess and Analyze Mitochondria in 2020

  • In vitro studies / In vivo studies / Ex vivo studies
  • What are the technological tools to study and analyze the mitochondria
  • What are the mitochondrial markers to be evaluated in the context of medical studies
  • Meaning & functionality of the citrate synthase enzyme
  • How to analyze the mitochondrial respiratory chains
  • How to study mitophagy

We will also highlight the practical aspect of Mitochondria Evaluation : 

  • Methods for analyzing mitochondrial function: Bioenergetics
  • Methods for analyzing mitochondria: Biogenesis, Dynamics and Mitophagy
  • Biochemical strategies for the diagnosis of mitochondrial disorders


We will prepare a full annexe with protocols related to mitochondira evaluations, methods,and technics you need in your future mitochondria study :

  • Analysis of respiratory chain complex activities, tissues and cells : detailed protocols, from buffers and reagents preparation to enzymatic measurement.
  • Analysis of complexes assembly by Blue Native-PAGE
  • Oxygraphic analysis on permeabilized fibers or cells`

We look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Naïg Gueguen, PhD
Mitovasc Institute, Mitolab team,
INSERM 1083, CNRS 6215,
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d’Angers
Angers, France

Mitochondria Recorded presentations

The workshop will be interactive and will be recorded to allow international access to the whole presentation.

You can access the workshop via our online platform if you missed the workshop.

The Recorded workshop will be available after October 30, 2020.