Non-coding RNAs in nuclear-mitochondrial crosstalk : Applications for RNA medicine - New topic 2020


A special session will be dedicated to Non-coding RNAs in nuclear-mitochondrial crosstalk: Applications for RNA medicine.


Chairpersons: Eric Barrey, AgroParisTech, GABI & (INRAE) and Nina Entelis (UNISTRA) - France

Objective: Non-coding RNAs (ncRNA) either encoded by the mitochondrial genome or imported into mitochondria represent today an emerging field that draws significant scientific attention due to their importance for human and animal health. The objective of this special session is to share the latest advances on the ncRNA diversity, molecular mechanisms and their impact on mitochondrial functions and nuclear-mitochondrial crosstalk. This opens new horizons for developing diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for diseases like cancers, cardiovascular, muscular and mitochondrial diseases.


Introduction: Variety of non-coding RNA imported and encoded in mitochondria
Eric Barrey, University Paris-Saclay, INRAE, AgroParisTech, France

Molecular mechanisms of ncRNAs transport into mitochondria: emerging approaches and potential gene therapy applications
Nina Entelis, UNISTRA, France

Long non-coding RNA SAMMSON and beyond: uncoupling cytosolic and mitochondrial-translation as an effective anti-melanoma strategy
Eleonora Leucci, Laboratory for RNA Cancer Biology, Department of Oncology, KU Leuven, Belgium

Targeting long non-coding mitochondrial RNA for cancer therapy
Veronica Burzio, Universidad Andrés Bello, Fundación Ciencia & Vida, Andes Biotechnologies, Republic of Chile

Round table: Prospective on other mitochondrial gene therapies:

mitochondrial gene editing, mitochondrial gene transfer, mitochondria transfer,....

All speakers and some participants - moderated by Ivan Tarassov, UNISTRA, Strasbourg, France.


Call for Short communications or Posters

Short presentations and/or posters on mitochondrial genomics, ncRNA, RNA therapy will be accepted.
If you wish to submit your abstract for this session, please follow this link.