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On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the World Mitochondria Society (WMS) we are excited to announce the 12th Conference on Targeting Mitochondria 2021. The meeting will be a hybrid conference: in person and virtually. We have confidence that by this time the pandemic will be under control and easy traveling will again be possible. We will keep you informed about our final decision by the end of July.

Targeting Mitochondria 2021 Agenda

Mitochondria-2021-CoverDuring three days, many oral and poster communications will be presented and will cover:

  • Recent Advances on Mitochondrial Dysfunctions and Dynamics in Chronic Diseases
  • Mitochondria Dysfunction in COVID-19 pathogenesis
  • Nuclear-mitochondrial interactions and their effect on longevity and health
  • Mitochondria and Strategic Role in Intracellular Communication : Targeting mtDNA–Containing Exosomes
  • The Challenge of Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of  Mitochondrial Function in vitro and in vivo
  • Strategies to Target Mitochondria: Clinical Trials and Potential Mitochondria-based Therapies
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WMS Challenges in the Acceleration of Mitochondrial Medicine

Submit your innovation and technology for review by WMS Scientific Committee. Top ranked Innovations will be offered an opportunity to showcase your technology to all World Mitochondria Society Members.

Submit your innovation before August 30, 2021.

Online Workshop - How to Evaluate Mitochondria Function ?

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The aim of this workshop is to discuss the last advances in mitochondria assessment and evaluation. The workshop will be interactive and will be recorded.
if you wish to have a short talk during the workshop, please contact us.


Access to the Targeting Mitochondria 2020 Congress Platform



The Targeting Mitochondria 2020 Congress was held successfully on October 28-30, 2020 as virtual congress. During the congress, more than 78 Communications (Majors, Shorts and Posters). If you wish to access all recorded presentations with a list of attendees, questions, and answers sent to speakers, you can register here.