Mitochondria 2019 Speakers

Doug-Wallace Targeting mitochondria 2019

Mitochondrial genetics and Human Disease
Douglas C. Wallace, Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine, USA

Lori Buhlman Targeting Mitochondria 2019 speakerIncreased Hydrogen Peroxide and decreased Glutathione Redox potential may cause Dopaminergic Neurodegeneration in Parkin loss-of-function
Lori M. Buhlman, Midwestern University, USA

Alessandro Prigione Targeting-Mitochondria-2019 updatedStem cell-driven drug discovery of OXPHOS diseases
Alessandro Prigione, Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany

Hans Zischka Targeting Mitochondria 2019Mitochondrial Copper Toxicity with a Focus on Wilson Disease
Hans Zischka, Institute of Molecular Toxicology and Pharmacology, Germany

Pekka-Katajisto-Targeting-Mitochondria-2019Selective segregation of mitochondria in asymmetric stem cell divisions
Pekka Katajisto, Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism, Finland

James Mccully Targeting Mitochondria 2019

Mitochondrial Transplantation - From Animal Studies to Clinical Relevance
James D. McCully, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children's Hospital, USA

Marc Diederich Targeting Mitochondria 2019Cardiac glycosides modulate neuroblastoma stem cell survival by dysfunctional mitophagy
Marc Diederich, Seoul National University, South Korea

ruth-slack targeting mitochondria 2019Mitochondria, as central regulators of neural stem cell fate
Ruth Slacks, University of Ottawa, Canada

lawrence-grossman Targeting Mitochondria 2019The cellular stress protein MNRR1/CHCHD2 and mitochondrial disease
Lawrence Grossman, Wayne State University, USA

Richard-C.-Hartley-Mitochondria-2019-congressMitochondria-targeted low-molecular weight compounds for probing mitochondrial functions
Richard C. Hartley, University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

Shanta-Dhar-Mitochondria-2019-congressMitochondria-targeted Nanocarriers for mitochondrial therapies
Shanta Dhar, University of Miami, USA

Roles for mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s diseaseRoles for mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease
Benedict C. Albensi, Max Rady College of Medicine - University of Manitoba, Canada