“The Human Longevity Project - Part 1" will be projected during Targeting Mitochondria World Congress

The Human Longevity Project (Part 1) to be screened at the Targeting Mitochondria 2017 Congress is the world premiere of a groundbreaking, new documentary film series that takes an exciting journey around the globe to study the planet’s healthiest centenarians. This upcoming documentary film opens a new investigation into the four Blue Zones around the world, which have been previously identified by Michel Poulain and National Geographic as places containing an inordinate concentration of people with exceptionally long health-spans and incredible levels of vitality late in life. The Human Longevity Project is an 8-part film series that includes interviews from premier scientists, physicians, healers, & health experts around the globe and gathers together real-world footage and interviews with individuals in the Blue Zones. The intent is to reexamine the daily routines and practices ranging the entire lifespan to determine, from a bioenergetic standpoint, precisely how lifestyle factors affect the aging process and how we can adapt these factors to the presentday world. The series is slated to screen globally in 2018.

For more information: www.targeting-mitochondria.com